Father’s Day

17 06 2012

Americans have a knack for turning celebrations into a marketing opportunity. We are not alone in this, others around the world even in different governmental structures do the same. If someone makes a buck from a celebration it does not diminish the importance of the thing we celebrate.

Today, is Father’s day in the USA. All over the nation folks will give their dads a token of affection and recognition. For some their will be the annual giving of the “goofy tie” or other gag gift. Others will prepare a hand-made “You’re the best dad in the whole world card” or celebrate dad with his favorite meal. Whatever is done for the most part there is a genuine attempt to express the value of Fatherhood.

Our culture is blurring the importance and significance of Fatherhood. It would be a joy and delight to say that every Father was honorable and faithful to his call, but sadly that is not always the case. There are absentee dads, abusive dads, abandoning dads, sure! But there are also adoring dads, faithful fathers, and loving leaders. I want to be one of the faithful.

Today, let’s honor Fatherhood for all it should be and has been in our lives. Let’s work to make Fatherhood the place of respect and honor that God intended it to be. Give honor where honor is due, forgive where it is required, love with a whole heart, trust God to be to you what man has failed to be.

As Fathers you are the most powerful force for good in the world. A child’s soul is a terrible thing to waste. You have been granted the most awesome of responsibilities. Make today special for those who love you by stepping up to Fatherhood!

Have a Happy Father’s Day, laugh a lot, cry a little, love fully–Bless you!

Estate planning and Parenting

12 04 2012

I am trying to do some estate planning.  That is preparation for passing on my assets after my death.  You know, wills, trusts, life insurance, medial directives and the like.  It takes time and wisdom to prepare a good plan. I am seeking professional advice.  Lots of care goes into doing that plan well.

As I am working on the details, I have an ah-ha moment!  Should there be any less care in preparing your must precious asset, your children?  A wise parent does not raise children by accident.  Invest the time to do it well!


27 02 2012

In the American culture success is often defined in terms of monetary achievement, popularity, position or power.  I am not sure anyone really wants to be unsuccessful, but it would help if one had a sense of what success really is.  I am of course speaking of a general sense that my life has been meaningful and successful overall rather than in a moment or task.

Someone once said, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile dream.” Another defines success as the journey not the destination!   Today I read, success is doing the best with what you have where you are! 

When I reflect on my life I measure success in terms of relationships more than I do achievements or monetary status.  The questions I ask to discover if I am on the road to success are similar to this. 

 “When I stand before God to give account for my life will I hear well done good and faithful servant?” 

 “If someone speaks to my wife after I am gone will she say that I was a loving  and supportive husband?  Did I contribute to her destiny or diminish her as a person?”

“Can my children look back upon our relationship and say that they were proud to have me as their dad?  Will they say of me that I built into their lives principles and values that made them productive and vibrate citizens of this world?”

“Will my friends and acquaintances remember me as one who added to their lives and encouraged them to be all they can be?  Will they be able to say they were better off for knowing me?”

“Will creation itself be better off for me being here?”

Sure I want monetary achievement.  I do not want to be poor or struggle to provide for my family the basics of life.  Neither do I want to be so preoccupied with earning a living that I miss out on the true meaning of Life.   I like the story  in the Bible when the lawyer questions Jesus about the greatest commandment in the Law.  Jesus replied to the question, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and with all your mind.  This is the first and greatest commandment.   And the second is like it: ‘ Love your neighbor as yourself.’…”

What I have found in my life is being in right relationship with the Creator aligns me for right relationships with people and things.  I think the Book of Proverbs says it best, “The awesome respect of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom or knowledge.”  So living a sucessful life may be more about how we live then what we earn or achive.

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