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9 05 2020

Mother’s Day 2020

This Sunday, May 10, will be Mother’s Day.  This year the annual celebration for our mother’s role in our lives may be shaped and overshadowed by the corona virus, Covid-19, and the economic crisis resulting from national lock down.

Covid-19, a disease caused by the novel corona virus, emerged out of China in late December 2019.  Some believe it may have been even earlier. No matter when it emerged, the impact is undeniable.  We still don’t know the virus’ origins—whether lab-derived, lab-leaked or naturally occurring. The victims of this virus have been predominantly those who are elderly or weakened by underlying medical conditions.

Tens of thousands have perished here in the US.  Most tragically, the very vulnerable, located in nursing home facilities, have been the victims of this virus.  Careless staff or ignorant visitors unwittingly transferred the virus to patients who had no way to defend themselves.  As a result, all nursing homes nationwide have been closed to visitors.

This brings me to Mother’s Day 2020. My dear mother is in a nursing home located in a county that is a cluster hot spot for the virus. She is 95 years of age and in reasonable health, although bed ridden.  She has two living children, 9 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren.  This year no one will be allowed to kiss her face or hug her neck.  There is a strange pain about not being able to honor her life in person.  This maybe our last Mother’s Day with her living. Just this week we were informed that the invisible enemy made its way into a staff member of the facility. To date there is no spread to other staff or patients, and we thank God for that news. We are praying for all in these difficult situations.

When we think of all the moms and grandmothers who have lost their lives during this pandemic, it’s grievous. We think of all the children and grandchildren who will not be able to celebrate Mother’s Day 2020 with their special lady. Many could not even say goodbye as their loved ones transitioned from this earthly life.  Please know that there are those who share your loss and care about your pain.

So, this Mother’s Day will be different for many of us. How can we deal with it?  If your mom is living and you can reach out in some special way, please do it. A phone call, a video chat, a special card, have a meal delivered or send a gift. If your mother is no longer in the land of the living perhaps you can celebrate her life in a creative way. Reflect, recall, and share memories or pictures that would honor her life with others.

Most mom’s work ridiculously hard and make real sacrifices for their children. I know mine did. She was a single mom who overcame addictions to give us a shot at life.  Of course, not all moms are positive role models. Some may have been dysfunctional– leaving us with painful memories.  None the less, we all can be grateful that we had a chance at life because our mother chose life.

This year let’s all do what we can for our mother or for her memory. Let’s celebrate the woman or women who embraced us like a mother.  Let’s do something kind and loving for our mom, grand moms, or surrogate moms because Mother’s Day 2020 will be like no other Mother’s Day in most of our lives. Moms are special. Grandmothers are very cool! Never underestimate the power of a righteous woman to bring those in her care to their full potential.  God bless mothers.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom. I miss you. I love you. I will, by God’s grace, see you soon. Since I cannot visit you, I will help others celebrate the women who gave them life and nurtured them in their journey into and through this world.

HONOR YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER (which is the first commandment with a promise), SO THAT IT MAY BE WELL WITH YOU, AND THAT YOU MAY LIVE LONG ON THE EARTH.  Ephesians 6:2-3 NASB



Father’s Day

17 06 2012

Americans have a knack for turning celebrations into a marketing opportunity. We are not alone in this, others around the world even in different governmental structures do the same. If someone makes a buck from a celebration it does not diminish the importance of the thing we celebrate.

Today, is Father’s day in the USA. All over the nation folks will give their dads a token of affection and recognition. For some their will be the annual giving of the “goofy tie” or other gag gift. Others will prepare a hand-made “You’re the best dad in the whole world card” or celebrate dad with his favorite meal. Whatever is done for the most part there is a genuine attempt to express the value of Fatherhood.

Our culture is blurring the importance and significance of Fatherhood. It would be a joy and delight to say that every Father was honorable and faithful to his call, but sadly that is not always the case. There are absentee dads, abusive dads, abandoning dads, sure! But there are also adoring dads, faithful fathers, and loving leaders. I want to be one of the faithful.

Today, let’s honor Fatherhood for all it should be and has been in our lives. Let’s work to make Fatherhood the place of respect and honor that God intended it to be. Give honor where honor is due, forgive where it is required, love with a whole heart, trust God to be to you what man has failed to be.

As Fathers you are the most powerful force for good in the world. A child’s soul is a terrible thing to waste. You have been granted the most awesome of responsibilities. Make today special for those who love you by stepping up to Fatherhood!

Have a Happy Father’s Day, laugh a lot, cry a little, love fully–Bless you!

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