Estate planning and Parenting

12 04 2012

I am trying to do some estate planning.  That is preparation for passing on my assets after my death.  You know, wills, trusts, life insurance, medial directives and the like.  It takes time and wisdom to prepare a good plan. I am seeking professional advice.  Lots of care goes into doing that plan well.

As I am working on the details, I have an ah-ha moment!  Should there be any less care in preparing your must precious asset, your children?  A wise parent does not raise children by accident.  Invest the time to do it well!



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13 04 2012

Children are a treasure from the Lord! What a great insight to be intentional about them, more so than any of these temporary assets.

14 04 2012

AMEN!!!! As your doing this make sure you plan on being alive till at less 100!!!!! Love you dad!!! There is no one like you!!

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