4 04 2012

Do not throw caution to the wind!
Caution— is not fear!
Caution is wisdom to be circumspect. Consider the options and move forward with your eyes wide open.  Do not be reckless or you will be a wreck.  Boldness does not throw away wisdom or caution! Move forward fearlessly and be wise!



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4 04 2012

I am going to live a fearless life!!!

6 04 2012

Kristen how can you promise that when sometimes you can have fear from the unexpected things that will happen or have happened, but from the devilish things that he tries to give us fear with I will know that I have god to protect me.

6 04 2012
Guy C. Carey

You can commit to be fearless in the face of fear. Though you experience fear you do not have to act from fear.

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